Belgian Bicycle Tags | What I’m Loving

Just a super quick little post about these lovely little Belgian bicycle tags that arrived last month. 

I spotted these on my Insta-pal Buck’s feed last year and became obsessed with finding some. I managed to buy these two on eBay and they were posted across from Belgium. 

Buck has since told me that the tags were used to insure your bike and the colour and shape of them changed every year. Have a look at his Insta feed as he’s got a beautiful collection. 

They are much bigger than I imagined they would be and are a lovely little addition to a mantle of bookshelf display. They also look so sweet tied around these jars as a little extra interest.

Cute hey? 



Rolled Beeswax Candles | DIY

Here’s another almost insultingly easy DIY but one that is really affective. I think I only go for simple projects as there’s less chance of failure, resulting in an almost guaranteed feeling of pride when you’ve finished, which is always lovely. I also lose interest in anything if it has more than 4 steps…

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