The Potential in Two Rusty Cheese Graters

I always think of January as a month for decluttering and having a good sort out of all the cupboards and other places we find to stash crap throughout the year. The weather has also been appalling and it’s taken a lot to get me out of my pyjamas let alone the house at the weekends. As a result, I’ve hardly bought anything at all this month.

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Top Tips for Flea Market Success

Nothing makes me happier than finding just what I’ve been looking for at a bargain price. Falling for something I never even knew I needed is pretty great too which is why I adore flea markets. The combination of affordable prices and never knowing quite what you’ll come home with makes exploring a market my favourite pastime.  Continue reading

A little Cornish find

James and I spent last Sunday selling my candles at Gold Hill Fair in Shaftesbury. Our stall was positioned opposite a ‘crockery smashing stall’ which is similar to a coconut shy but instead of coconuts, unloved china is slaughtered. £1 got you three wooden balls to hurl at somebody’s once prized tea set.  Continue reading