The Hands Behind The Candles | Visual Story Telling with Sarah-Lou Francis

Botanical Candle Co-22 (Medium)

If anybody ever asks me directly about the candles I make for The Botanical Candle Company  I’ll often look at my feet or over their left shoulder and mumble about them “being okay, I guess…”.

Obviously I love my candles and stand by them 100% but I’m just no good at talking myself up. This is where Sarah-Lou Francis is really on to something. Having identified that creative types {gawd, I wouldn’t even call myself  that} can often struggle with self-promotion {see previous} she is there to tell the story on your behalf with her elegant, understated photographs. 

Sarah-Lou perfectly captures the character of the individual and the love and passion that goes in to their creations. The visual story you’re left with is a stunning representation of your day-to-day.

Sarah-Lou visited me at home on a sunny Sunday afternoon in April where we hung out and drank tea in our attic room/studio. With the cats wandering in and out and the odd dash down the stairs for props or more tea we spent a couple of hours together whilst I made a few candles and she documented the process. I am normally pretty uncomfortable in front of a camera but Sarah-Lou’s  wonderfully calming presence made me feel completely at ease and like I could work at my own pace. The resulting images feel natural and relaxed, reflecting the candle making process far better than I have been able to before.

A huge thank you to Sarah-Lou for these gorgeous images. If you would be interested in working on a similar project do follow @sarahloufrancis on Instagram or visit her website for more of her outstanding work.







4 thoughts on “The Hands Behind The Candles | Visual Story Telling with Sarah-Lou Francis

  1. This is fabulous Amalia, you should be so proud of yourself!
    You are truly making people’s lives just that little bit better with these wonderful creations ☺️ Absolutely fantastic pictures xx PS. I Love that ring you are wearing with the birds on! 💙


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Lydia, you’re the sweetest! The ring was a gift from my sister and is made from a broken piece of Willow Pattern, I can’t remember the name of the guy who made it but he might be on Etsy? I also haven’t replied to your message but will TONIGHT! I promise! Thanks again xxx


  2. I seem to be attempting to win the prize for “best customer” as every time I see a photo I find that I want another one. Sarah-Lou’s photos are BEAUTIFUL and selling me the idea that perhaps I do have room for just one or two more xxx


    1. Aww Janice! You are just the best! Your beloved ‘Greenhouse’ is back in stock and I always think of you when I make candles in that scent. You must come to a Frome Independent this summer, you’d be in heaven! Thanks again for your kindness xxx


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