The Ercol Love Seat | My New Favourite Possession

I proclaim something to be my ‘new favourite’ about 10 – 15 times a day, but honestly my new Ercol Love Seat has absolutely stolen my heart.There’s a bit of a story about how we came to buy this wonderful piece so I’ll start from the top.

During a particularly stormy visit to St. Ives in February we went to a huge house clearance centre in Redruth, where we saw a blonde Love Seat in the flesh for the very first time. It was absolutely gorgeous but at £550 there was no way I could justify buying it. I spoke to the shop keeper and she told me she’d dragged it off a rubbish pile (!) and had had to replace two of the legs as it was in a bit of a state when she found it.

Although it made me shudder to think of these beautiful pieces of furniture being thrown out it did confirm to me that they can still be found fairly cheaply. With this in mind I reluctantly walked away from the only one I’d ever seen, reminding myself of all the water bills and car tax £550 can pay for….

Anyway, Monday rolls around and we drive the 3 1/2 hours home for a lazy afternoon by the fire after a wet and windy Cornish weekend. I’m a total eBay fiend and thought I’d browse around for any recent Ercol listings, knowing that finding an affordable Love Seat that was nearby would be a long-shot. Unbelievably a blonde one had just been listed with a buy it now or best offer price of £290. Flicking through the photographs I could see that there was a split in the elm on one side of the seat which would need repair. With James’s encouragement I put in a cheeky offer of £260, figuring we could carefully repair the small split ourselves and that it wasn’t particularly noticeable anyway. There was a little back and forth and we finally settled on £275. The seller messaged me and said she’d been juggling three different offers at once so I was relieved to have been the one to have won it.

The bench was in mid-Wales and James was up for driving and picking it up the following weekend. He loves an adventure {although I’m not sure that mid-Wales quite counts as an adventure but whatever} and we’d have to drive through Leominster on the way which is amazing for antiques centres. We figured we’d make a day of it and would stop off in Leominster on the way home to try and find some lovely vintage things to make in to candles for the upcoming Shaftesbury Super Sunday.

Saturday arrives and we set off in the wind and the rain headed to Montgomery to meet Annette and pick up the bench. We eventually found her house despite the satnav being particularly unhelpful and were greeted with cups of tea, a warm Aga and a kitchen full of rescue dogs and puppies! Annette told us all about how she and her husband foster and re-home dogs and that they sell bits and pieces on eBay to raise much needed funds. I’m afraid I didn’t take any photographs as I was too busy being licked to death by a gorgeous little rascal by the name of Rusty <3

We ended up staying for a lot longer than we had planned {puppies, tea, Aga… you know} so we never made it to Leominster in the end. We did come home with a lovely tea set which Annette sold us and as well as some stoneware pots which will all make beautiful candles. These little extras made the journey even more worthwhile.

Sunday was spent faffing around finding the perfect spot for ‘her’ {all beautiful furniture is female, right?} We had a pine blanket box at the foot of our bed which was used for stashing extra bedding and winter jumpers but that’s been banished to the spare room for now. She fits in perfectly and the pale elm compliments the vintage oars above the bed a treat.

I love that the bench is striking but not heavy or dark. We had bright sunshine yesterday and the whole bedroom looked and felt completely different with the addition of the Love Seat.

I absolutely adore classic design and to me this is a truly iconic piece of furniture. Items like this don’t come along very often and I honestly feel that they are an investment. Something as beautiful as an Ercol classic is only going to become more rare and sought after so I feel rather privileged to now have this in my possession.


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