The Potential in Two Rusty Cheese Graters

I always think of January as a month for decluttering and having a good sort out of all the cupboards and other places we find to stash crap throughout the year. The weather has also been appalling and it’s taken a lot to get me out of my pyjamas let alone the house at the weekends. As a result, I’ve hardly bought anything at all this month.

With January nearly over we darted across to Mere on Saturday morning to visit Sarah at Sprout & Flower. We are long time insta-buds and we’ve seen each other at various events but have never had much of a chance to actually catch up. My birthday flowers had all but faded so we thought it would be the ideal time to go and see her in the shop.

Sprout & Flower is an incredible combination of flowers, plants, veggies and the most divine baked goods which I only just managed to resist. Mere is a small town but S&F has everything to keep you going and in the time we were there it was a hive of activity and I can tell it’s really treasured by the locals. Lucky them!


After stocking up on blooms and greens we headed down the high street to a little vintage/house clearance shop we’d visited before. We met lovely Jane who runs it with her husband and we chatted about our love of upcycling and breathing a new lease of life in to the unloved. I spotted the two cheese graters and instantly remembered something I’d seen on Pinterest about turning them in to pendant lights. At £2 each I couldn’t really leave them behind! They are going to be squirreled away until we have a chance to re-jig our kitchen and dining room at which point they’ll be made in to pendant lights with fabric flex and some skinny filament bulbs.

Who’d have thought some rusty old cheese graters could be so inspiring?! I’ll keep you updated with our progress on these although we’ve got a bit of saving up to do first!


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