Rolled Beeswax Candles | DIY

Here’s another almost insultingly easy DIY but one that is really affective. I think I only go for simple projects as there’s less chance of failure, resulting in an almost guaranteed feeling of pride when you’ve finished, which is always lovely. I also lose interest in anything if it has more than 4 steps…

Anyway, rolled beeswax candles are nothing new but they are a super simple DIY gift for Christmas that ticks all my boxes as they are pretty, natural and purse-friendly. Also, who wouldn’t love a little bundle of these amongst their gifts. Their warm gold colour is neutral enough to fit in to most schemes and their scent is minimal and inoffensive.

For the candles themselves you’ll only need two things; beeswax sheets and a wick. That’s it. I chose hemp twine covered in beeswax for my wick to keep it all nice and natural. You’ll find everything you need on eBay for few pounds.

The size of your candles will depend on the size of your sheets. I ordered  20cm x 20cm squares which made two full sized and then I cut one in half to make two smaller candles too.

Start by snipping your wick so that you have about 1 inch either side of your wax. Lie it on the edge of your sheet and then fold the edge of the wax over it tightly. I was convinced it would snap at this point but it’s really supple and bends easily.

Keep rolling up until you get to the end, keeping the edges straight.

When you get to the end firmly press the edge down so that it doesn’t unravel. It’s naturally sticky so adheres itself easily.

Choose which end is neater and trim the wick down to 1cm and then cut it off completely at the opposite end.

Add some finishing touches with ribbon or foliage and you’re done! These would look so lovely tucked in the top of a stocking or tied on to a bigger parcel as a little extra!


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