White Clay Christmas Decorations | DIY

Now I don’t want to insult your intelligence with a ridiculously detailed step-by-step for these decorations as they are so easy to make. So easy in fact that I’m fairly sure every primary school class will be making these between now and Christmas…

Anyway, you’ll need to crack open that childhood favourite, DAS air-drying clay in white and roll it out to the thickness of a pound coin.

I like to then roll in some lace to add pattern but you can use it plain too. I also found a jumbo-pack of festive stamps in TK Maxx last year that look lovely. You could also use letter stamps of go for a natural look by using leaves or sprigs of greenery to imprint botanical patterns.

Then you need to just go crazy with cookies cutters or cut shapes freehand. I love hearts and stars but simple circles look really great too.

At this stage, add a hole for the ribbon or string to go through. Chop-sticks are perfect for this, or a twig… Whatever you have to hand!

Remove the spare clay around the edges, this can be set aside to re-roll a little later. The clay is quite fiberous so neaten up the edges with your finger before letting them dry for 48hrs. Turn them over halfway through the drying to let the underside set too. Once dry, if your edges are still a bit rough you can run a nail file over them a few times.

Once fully dry you can then tie on string, raffia or ribbon to hang them on the tree or tie them on to wrapped presents. I also keep a few all year round to tie around the neck of a bottle of wine, adding a nice little extra touch to a simple gift. They would also be lovely as napkin decorations over Christmas.

I love their chalky whiteness and they are such a pretty little Christmas DIY for grown-ups as well as kiddies!


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