Shepton Mallet Flea Market (September 2015)

I was slightly underprepared for the size of the flea market this month and found myself flagging half way round (what is wrong with me?!) I pulled myself together and we managed to see everything but I was secretly glad to get home and collapse on the sofa…

Anyway, it was warm, sunny and everybody seemed in good spirits which made browsing all the more enjoyable. We set out without a list but were keeping an eye out for tins and jelly moulds for me to make in to candles. There were some really gorgeous bits and pieces around and, as ever, plenty of things you wouldn’t expect to see!


Observer’s books galore! Every stall seemed to have a few.



Glavanised containers were everywhere which got me thinking about spring bulbs…



I love this autumn sunshine, this could have been taken at a vide grenier!


I resisted this marmalade jar {somebody take my temperature, I must be unwell}


On the way home we calculated that we’d spent about £70. We had some absolute steals today and I love walking away after paying for something and James and I looking at each other knowing that we’ve just bagged a total bargain!

So, here’s our haul {minus a few jelly moulds which are in the dishwasher}:


*heart rate quickens*


The lettering on the Horlick’s mug is so pretty and I have wanted a heart shaped cheese mould for a while. Will I ever make a heart shaped cheese?… Probably not but that’s not the point! {These were £1 each}.

I fell in love with this boat rope thing {insert correct nautical term here}. I imagine it would have been on a harbour wall to secure moored boats to originally but it’ll look so cool as a place to hang towels in the bathroom.

I bought this metal float from the same stall as the mooring fixing. For £2 I couldn’t leave it behind. It’s destined to become a doorstop but is hollow so it will be a door that doesn’t actually require holding back. A dummy doorstop, if you will.

I think I bought these crucibles for their nostalgic value as they threw me right back to GCSE Chemistry. They are made, I think, from porcelaine and have a really nice industrial, utilitarian feel to them. I might make them in to candles or I might just keep them to serve sauces and dips in.

I love tins but most of the ones you see were related to smoking {so uncool kids}. Peppermint lumps and black currant pastilles are suitably cute though and these will look divine once they’ve been filled with soy wax

We also picked up this sweet little stool. It’ll make an easy bedside table or a useful extra spot to perch. It weighs an absolute tonne and has the best worn-out paint that I just cannot resist.

Last but by no means least is James’s favourite find of the day {it’s up there for me too}…

It’s a map of the rail lines in England, Wales and a tiny bit of Northern Ireland and dates from 1947. I couldn’t hand over the money quick enough when the stallholder said it was £10. Bonkers.

Thank you to my glamorous assistant!

Did you go to the market this month? If not I hope the above has convinced you to make the trip, it’s always worth a visit.


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