Marmalade Jars | An Update

Since I last wrote about James Keiller marmalade jars here, my collection has grown (and then shrunk again) considerably, so I thought I’d give you all a quick update.

As you may know, I went to Shepton Mallet Giant Flea Market in July and found a little handful of jars, including a large 2lb one which is the first I’ve ever had.

I bought all three of the marmalade jars from two friends who had stalls together. They were obviously ‘diggers’ and had loads of blue glass bottles, ginger beer bottles and earthenware pots.  When I said how much I like them they hinted that they had a good ‘dig’ lined up in the next few weeks where they knew they’d find lots more jars. I flashed them my best smile and tried to play it really cool, secretly hoping they’d invite me along… No such luck, sadly. I’ll be sure to make a bee-line for them at the next flea market though.

(By the way, if you fancy a really nerdy read about digging up old bottles etc. you should read this. I should probably be really embarrassed that I’m now totally up for delving in to an old rubbish pit, but I’m not…)

Moving on to more recent finds, we popped down to St. Ives at the end of July for a few days away. We were ridiculously spoilt with the weather and just had the loveliest time ever. In between all the crabbing and ice cream eating we couldn’t find that many treasure hunting spots in the town itself but we visited Penzance and Marazion for the day and managed to find a few jars, amongst other things.

On the way home from Cornwall we stopped off for a cup of team with James’s family in Sidmouth and I couldn’t resist a quick dash around the junk/antique shops in town. I’m really glad we made the effort as we found this lovely Cooper’s jar which I’m now completely obsessed with…

Lovely James’s Mumma let me snip a big armful of her gorgeous hydrangeas and they look so perfect bunched up inside my new favourite jar. Jealousy is an ugly thing but I’ll admit that I am intensely jealous of anybody who can grow blue hydrangeas.

I love that the jar and the Anglepoise 1227 are almost exactly the same shade of cream, they’re not two of my very favourite possessions. We recently had a mini-spruce of our bedroom and fitted a new headboard as well as trying to make things a little more consistently nautical and the jar is happily sat on my bedside table, looking sweet.

As a side-line I make and sell soy candles in reclaimed containers for The Botanical Candle Company and so most of the jars I found at the flea market and in Cornwall were made up and sold at The Frome Independent. I filled them with natural soy wax and sweet orange essential oil as a nod towards their original contents and they went down really well. I sold every single one I took so I’ll be making some more for the next market, which is on Sunday 6th September.


I’ve also recently made a significant eBay purchase of these jars but I’ll wait until they’ve safely arrived before revealing them…

Update: this set of 8 arrived safe and sound… Aren’t they lovely? They are almost identical which is unusual and all are destined to become candles once I’ve had a few days to admire them...

If you find any of these jars, please do tag me on Instagram as I’d love to see them (@__apothecary__)!


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