Observer’s Books | what I’m loving


Yet again, I have Instagram to thank for my latest obsession. I’ve always known about Observer’s books or guides but seeing them styled in homes or arranged on shelves sparked my interest. 

So I started keeping my eyes peeled at flea markets and in charity shops and have so far amassed a healthy little collection. There are over 100 books in the series and whilst I’m not set on collecting them all, some people do get pretty serious about it.

This first book, on Birds, was published in 1937 and a first edition in mint condition is worth hundreds of pounds, so keep you eyes peeled!

I’ve had fantastic luck finding these at car boot sales and bought 8 for 40p each from the nicest old man ever last weekend. Other hot spots are charity shops, especially Oxfam book shops!

I like grouping books of a similar colour together in little stacks. Blues for a nautical theme and greens for garden pickings.

You’ll find loads of information, including a full list of the books here. This dedicated website also gives you an idea of prices and rarity so you know which ones to look out for.

Let me know if you’re a fan of these books, I’d love to see your collection! Find me on Instagram (@__apothecary__) or pop a comment below.


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