Californian treasures | how I used it

I’ve previously rambled away about finding treasures in California which you can read all about here, but for this post I’m going to focus on how I used our finds.

I’d set out hoping to find some blue ‘Ball’ mason jars and we did eventually find some. Since I’ve had them home they’ve mostly been used as vases. Peony season is my favourite season and my local market has been doing big bunches for £5 so I’ve been treating myself most weeks. Anything to aid the holiday come-down hey?

I love the light blue and pink combination, it’s a Pinterest favourite and one that works really well, in my opinion.

Now that the Hydrangeas are coming through I’ve also taken a couple of sneaky blooms that look dreamy in a shorter ‘bail clip’ jar that also came from the states.

We also picked up this lovely galvanised ‘fleurs’ wall mounted holder which looks divine stuffed with fluffy Peonies!

I’ve also put a couple of the jars to use in the kitchen. I wanted to emphasise their lovely light blue colour so filled this one with icing sugar instead of something darker to accentuate the lettering and colour.

Aside from the jars and flower bucket the only other find we’ve been enjoying is a pair of shoe lasts that we found in a thrift shop for $4. They look sweet resting on top of a book or two on the shelves…

At the moment their uses are almost entirely floral based but it’ll be interesting to see how I can use them in the winter months too.


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