A little Cornish find

James and I spent last Sunday selling my candles at Gold Hill Fair in Shaftesbury. Our stall was positioned opposite a ‘crockery smashing stall’ which is similar to a coconut shy but instead of coconuts, unloved china is slaughtered. £1 got you three wooden balls to hurl at somebody’s once prized tea set. 

Once we’d finished setting up our stall my eyes drifted over towards the monstrosity opposite us and little blue and white stripy thing caught my attention. It was stacked on top of a collection or rather grim brown bowls and I though immediately that it was T G Green. Now I don’t collect Cornishware but I do recognise it and appreciate its value, both ethtetically and moneyrary, so thought it was worth a look.

I wandered over, super casually (it was more of a frantic stumble if I’m honest) and asked the chap if I could buy, what I now knew to be, the stripy egg cup. He was more than happy for me to have it and quickly produced two coffee mugs that had been stashed away in a box behind the stall. I made a £1 donation and walked away exceptionally happy with my little find.

However, as the day progressed they unpacked more and more boxes of donated victims and came across more Cornishware which they kept bringing over in little clutches. We gave a donation every time and by 4pm we had the following collection:

  • 7 cups and saucers
  • A large oval platter
  • 2 egg cups
  • What I think are salt and pepper pinch pots (please let me know if they are something else)
  • 3 beautifully aged suet bowls

I am so glad I was there as the though of this lot being senselessly smashed is heart breaking! Sadly these stalls are popping up at all sorts of events so if you see one please save the china!

So far I haven’t used any of the bits we saved but they look so pretty on the shelves that I’m more than happy to just live with them for a while.

It’s so mad that somebody would throw these away, what is the world coming to?!


(I already had the bowl!)



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