French canning jars | what I’m loving

I couldn’t resist the above set of four Durfor preserving jars at Shepton Mallet flea market in January and they’ve now sparked a bit of an obsession. I loved them for their quality, colour and rustic charm. The glass is extremely thick and the French stallholder I bought them from explained that they are so strong that ‘if you drop them, the floor tiles will break, not the jar’. Luckily I haven’t yet had to test that statement… 

Since those first four I’ve also found one in Paris and a couple more at the April Shepton flea market which are a light blue colour. They look so sweet when filled with seeds, nuts or pulses and grouped together with some Kilner or Le Parfait jars. Look out for the Durfor brand or L’ideale – they are easy to spot with their raised lettering and distinctive colours.


they are perfect as vases
their lovely shades of green and blue work well in any kitchen
my favourites are the light blue thinner jars which have a nautical feel to them

the Durfor logo on the front is raised and adds to their look

Some of the earlier jars can date from the 1920s and will normally show plenty of signs of use. The metal clasps can be quite rusty but with a clean they tend to come up well.

I’ve paid around £5 – £7 per jar but I would happily pay up to £10-£12 depending on the size and colour if I really loved it. These jars are only getting harder to find so if you see one at a reasonable price then buy it. Trust me, you’ll always find a way to use them!


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