Shepton Mallet flea market (January 2015)

As part of my birthday celebrations this year we went to Shepton Mallet Giant Flea Market as it’s pretty much my favourite place to hunt for treasure.

It’s a fairly early start for a Sunday morning as gates open at 9:30am and it’s about a 40min drive from us. We’ve gone in with the traders before (7:30am) but have found that there isn’t much benefit as people are still unpacking so you can still miss things.

We had a really lovely morning, it was crisp and dry and not too busy. Here’s what we found…

Some of my favourite finds were:

  • Golden Syrup crate | £15
  • Wooden step ladder | £8
  • Watering cans | £8 each
  • Jelly moulds | various
  • Green glass jars | £30 for 4

The crate is just so lovely with the classic Tate & Lyle branding, it’s huge as well so may become log storage next winter. The step ladder was an impulse buy but I liked it and it’s proven to come in handy since.

Here’s how we’ve used some of our finds…

A zingy thyme plant has a new home in the watering can.
the storage jars are my most recent obsession and I’m using them to store beans, seeds and pulses
the finds looked so lovely grouped together so they were displayed on some old crates for a few days
spring daffs in one of the lovely green jars
the step ladder acts as a side table for a reading corner

There’s more detail on the flea market in my April post and you can find lots of information on their website. The next one is in July if you’re thinking of going, it’s definitely worth a visit and I can’t recommend it enough. Or let me know if you’ve been, as always I’d love to see your treasures!


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