James Keiller Marmalade Jars | what I’m loving

I’d been noticing these marmalade jars in magazines and vintage shops over the past couple of years but my obsession was really sparked after seeing them filled with blooms on Instagram. I love them for their simple colours, sweet leafy design and because that say ‘James’ on them <3 (cringe).

As well as being sweet to look at they’re really practical as vases, pen pots and toothbrush holders. I’ve got five at the moment which are all quite different in appearance. Some have strong black lettering, some have a paler grey design and some have the logo and design stamped in to the jar itself. My collection has come from eBay and flea markets mainly. I’ve paid £7 for my most expensive one and £2 for the cheapest.

So, here’s how I’m using them at home…

a sweet addition to any bathroom shelf
perfect for posies and garden pickings
their neutral colours work well in any display
just big enough for a bedside posy
this cutlery is too fragile to use but is too pretty not to be seen. The jars are a sweet way to display them
the discolouration on this jar comes from years of being buried
the black lettering works well with the dark mantlepiece

There are some avid collectors of these jars out there and some of the older ones can be worth quite a bit of money. Similarly, unusually large or small jars are very sought after. Quite often they are found in old landfill sites so you might hear or see the phrase ‘dug’ which literally means they were found in the earth. I like the thought of them being re-discovered and appreciated by a different generation.

As a rough guide I would say pay no more than £8 – £10 for a standard jar, unless you really want it of course!


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