Shepton Mallet flea market (April 2015)

Shepton Mallet flea market is held 6 times throughout the year and we tend to go around 4 times, mostly in the spring and summer when it’s easier to get up so early on a Sunday.

Entry is £4.50 and you can come and go as you please throughout the day. Gates open at 9.30am to the public and I would definitely advise getting there a little early to get in the que. Things get snapped up really quickly and lots of dealers from Frome, Bath and Bristol come so you’ve got to be up early to compete!

There is so much to see and you never really know what you’re going to find but all the flea market regulars such as garden planters, crates, enamel ware and vintage and retro furniture are always plentiful.

These photos were all taken at either the January or April markets this year.


Generally prices are really fair and there’s no competion from the London market so it’s brilliant if you’re after a bargain or need to buy lots but don’t have a fortune to spend.

My finds from the April flea market are below… So much loveliness!


To give you an idea of prices here’s what I paid for some of the above:

  • Watering can | £3
  • Coral | £5
  • Wooden crate | £10
  • Marmalade jar | £2
  • Galvanised baths (set of 2) | £25
  • Welsh blanket | £13
  • Jelly moulds | 50p each
  • Fox terrier photograph | free!

I was really pleased with my buys and didn’t feel like I’d paid too much for anything. The Welsh blanket was an extravagance but it’s really lovely colours and they’re so useful I couldn’t resist!

Here’s how I’ve put some of my finds to use.

lovely bushy thyme has a new home in the watering can
i’m growing courgettes from seed but they will end up in these galvanised baths
i’m enjoying the photograph on the mantle at the moment but am hoping to find a frame for it soon
the crate came in handy for moving some old roof tiles

Dates for the rest of 2015 and directions can be found here if you’d like to plan a trip.


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